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Carolyn at Let's Move Realty called our Mobile Notary Service: Aaron Notary Express, to travel to her client at a Location in Raleigh, NC to get their Documents signed and Notarized. Her clients mentioned several times "how much we love Carolyn" they also said that "she is the best realtor ever"!! It was super to hear that! Working with her for notarization was also seamless and easy.

Carol Small The Realtor

Carolyn is a wonderful person. Great company, will recommend to all my friends and family​. 

Terrie Burridge

To be honest, the home buying process can be daunting if you don't have the right person. Working with Ms. Nelson was like asking your mother to help you find a home (in a good way). She walked with me and we took our time. She told me the pros, cons, the work, the easy bits, the harder bits, and really didnt leave a stone un turned. It's amazing that I'm the first review on zillow. But she is fantastic, especially since this was my first time buying and what felt like "bank vultures" were descending on me at every turn to tell us what we could and couldn't do. She guided us to a perfect home in the Triangle. P.S. don't be fooled by her office location. She will drive for her clients!! 

arthmyx | Home Buyer

I went through my Job to inquire about buying a home was not giving information to my liking reached out to Carolyn who answered all my questions right away found me homes right off the gate and help me start the process quicker than going through my job; closing was successful I knew what to expect and now Im in my lovely house. 

chocopuff27205 | Home Buyer

OMG I loved working with Mrs. Carolyn! My fiance are looking at buying a home in the Yanceyville area and we couldn't have been more happier working with her. We just relocated from out of state and we love her honesty & knowledge for the area since we were looking for common ground distance wise between our jobs and no so busy. This is our 1st home buying experience and I will definitely recommend her services. 

olympictulip | Home Buyer

Carolyn Nelson goes above and beyond for both parties, be it the seller or buyer. Her wisdom exceeds your common Real Estate Professional hands down, for her methods are effective so therefore she not only talks the talk, she walks it as well. And in this day and age you not only have to be able to adjust, but also be adjustable for the door swings both ways in the world of reality; meaning take the bad with the good for they both exists and keep on moving. While the waves of life come in all sizes as well as homes, some Real Estate Professionals I have meet are incompetent for they want to deal with nothing but the big dollar homes forgetting all the while that not one person in the world came out the womb running for we all had to crawl before we walked. Her logic in this madness of a world we live in makes her a true survivor and what makes successful business owners keep growing while others slowly fade away and perish. For some sales are better than no sales ask any business owner to this day as we, ll as those who have failed along the way. When it's all said and done the experience was that of one in which you'll never forget, for team players are becoming extinct as we all know a person or two and all they know is me, me, me. This Real Estate Professional, Carolyn Nelson is all about we, we, we and that is how she Wowed me over and the deal became sealed . Sincerely, Mr. Trent 

MassblastProductions | Home Buyer

I am very thankful to have had her as my agent. Wonderful job. I sold in lest than a year. Took care of the yard and . Carolyn is a agent that cares. She kept me informed. 

Marvin T. | Home Seller

I was lucky as hell to be connected with Carolyn for buying my first house. She knows what she's talking about, understood what I was looking for, and didn't let me go over my own budget even though I 'could.' All of that helped me feel confident about making the decisions I did. I love my new home, and I'm happy with how the entire process unfolded

Arie Brown | Home Buyer

Mrs. Nelson is the best Realtor in North Carolina! Thank you for helping me sell my house, I really do appreciate it and you! May God continue to Bless you and your business! 

Kim Jeffries | Home Seller

Carolyn helped us find a place to rent in less than one day. She also told us what we needed to do. We will be ready to buy in two years and will make sure we use Carolyn. She is very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you KC  

Karlie Casey | Home Buyer

Carolyn helped us navigate the sale of our old home and the purchase of our new one and when the process became difficult through no fault of our own, she took the reins to rectify the situation and alleviate the stressful circumstances. Although closing on both properties ended up getting delayed because of financing, Carolyn was awesome and explained all of the options to us. If we ever move again, we will definitely us Realty One Carolina again. 

Jangel710 Brown | Home Seller & Home Buyer

I recently bought my 1st home thanks to Carolyn Nelson! Honsestly she made the process less stressful compared to what I've seen other people go through with their Realtors. I wasn't sure if I would find anything in my pricepoint and there werent too many diamonds on the market thanks to the Covid pandemic. I found a nice townhome that showed up in my realtor.com notifications and we went to take a look at it the same Friday I was notified. When I got there, at 1st I didn't want to see it anymore but Mrs. Nelson told me since we were already there it couldn't hurt, after all i was the one who asked to see it. I'm so glad I did. My offer was accepted that Monday and the ball started rolling. Everything went great and closed in a little over 30 days. 

Jamillah Nelson | Home Buyer

Great company to work with. Carolyn is very thorough and is not afraid to go in the crawl space or attic to check out the property. She also made sure that we were in the loop with the attorney during the process. 

Maria Lopez | Home Buyer

What can I say. This team was amazing in assisting my family through our home buying promise. When it got tough they were right there beside us. I highly recommend this team and specifically our realtor, Mrs. Tina Pierce and broker, Mrs. Carolyn Nelson. Thank you so very much. We are very grateful. Call them today!!!!! 

Maurice Bass | Home Buyer

Thank you for helping me purchase my first investment property and guiding me throughout the entire process. I am looking forward to you helping me with future purchases. 

David | Home Buyer

I had the pleasure of Carolyn Nelson partnering with me in selling my home! On my first meeting I instantly knew Carolyn was the agent that I wanted representing my home. Carolyn was available for me and potential buyers 24/7 and also had constant communication with me on the status of my home. I would recommend Carolyn to anyone wanting to sell their home and feel good about it

Sarah | Home Seller

Working with Realty One Carolina was a very pleasant experience for me. I had been looking for property for over a year, with no results. I indicated that I was interested in a property that I saw on their website on a Saturday night. Within 48 hours, I was signing the contract. Throughout theprocess, Carolyn helped me navigate County inspections, and kept me in the loop with the attorney and Seller. Being out of state, this was key to me. Carolyn’s efficiency and being proficient as a Realtor saved me time, stress and money. I will use Carolina First Realty in any future real estate endeavors, and recommend. 

Terry Williams | Home Buyer

I met Carolyn by chance I had been looking for a home that I could use for a bed and breakfast. I was ready to give up and then I met her. Many of my previous agents were not engaged or showed much interest in my dream but Carolyn heard me and she searched and helped me to find the perfect home for my bed and breakfast. It is the perfect size and location and she negotiated an unbelievable price. She is very knowledgeable in foreclosure properties and the rules and regulations. She put me in contact with attorneys that were very professional and knowledgeable as well. My closing went very smooth and stress free. This was a very good experience. If you are looking for an agent that will cater to your every need Carolyn is the one. I would rate her a five star agent and recommend her as the best agent to help you find the home of your dreams. 

Twana | Home Buyer

Great Services, Lakisha Williams | Home Buyer

Good, Jerry Enoch | Home Buyer

Ms. Nelson made my home buying process very smooth . I would refer her to anyone looking to buy a home. She makes it less stressful and she’s super sweet. 

Jordan M. | Home Buyer

When I first started the process there was a feeling of being overwhelmed. I had a couple months to look for a good (first) home, and I had limited money to work with. Carolyn did a masterful job educating us, assisting us, responding to us, and I feel like she went above and beyond to get us to close! She also expansive knowledge of areas across the state! She provided us options from Charlotte to the RTP. And she also helped us find first time home buyer programs and a local mortgage company that gave us an AMAZING RATE!!!! I should also add that the previous owner/seller was horrible across the board. Carolyn negotiated multiple items that were more than fair, she does an amazing job with documentation, so much so that she danced around the selling agent in negotiations. Without Carolyn, I wouldn't have been able to get this amazing house! Trust, she will hold your hand along the way. She will not sugar coat the situation. 

Robert G. | Home Buyer

As my husband and I were first time home buyers, we did not know exactly what to expect with the home buying process. Carolyn went above and beyond from the moment we met to make sure that we were well informed, comfortable, and that the process was as stress free as possible. In fact, Carolyn was really great about emailing or calling us to say, for example, "Would y'all like to set up a date to come take measurements?"--- things that as first time home buyers we were not sure how to navigate. Carolyn is easy to reach at all times and is fun to work with. As an added bonus, Carolyn also stages homes and has been a really great resource for us when we ask for decorating/room function/home update questions. I will absolutely 100% pass Carolyn's name on to my friends and family in the area and should we choose to move again would definitely use Carolyn as our Realtor. 

Betty & John | Home Buyer

Carolyn really helped us in selling our old home and helping us find the perfect new home for our growing family. I would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone! 

Happy Buyer & Seller | Home Seller & Home Buyer

Carolyn was very helpful and provided excellent help in helping my wife and I purchase our first rental property. She provided excellent service and assistance in every step along the way. Carolyn was a pleasure to work with. 

dcfrew6476 | Home Buyer

Carolyn Nelson with Realty One was very attentive and kept in constant communication with us. The day after she listed our property and put signage in the yard we received multiple offers and was able put our home under contract within a week. Truly amazing. We will definitely use Carolyn Nelson for all of our real estate needs and definitely will recommend her to others! 

miel2279 | Home Seller

Carolyn helped my purchase my home in Ramseur and was a great help. We have been looking for a home for over a year and no one would help us. Carolyn helped us the first day we met and we were able to buy. Thank you. 

Madden | Home Buyer

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