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There are several things you should do and know before applying for a rental. Most rentals will list the requirements to rent a property such as the credit score, income requirements, pets, and if vouchers are accepted. This is NOT an all-inclusive list but common factors "I HAVE SEEN" affecting rental and rental applications.

  • Know your credit score. Not the credit karma score but the score found on Experian, Transunion, and Equifax. These scores or more in alignment with your true credit score, download the ap. Your credit score range between 300 - 850 with 300 being poor and 850 being on the higher and most favorable side. A score of 600 has typically been listed as the minimum score to rent. May vary among landlords.
  • Know what is on your credit report. If you have repossessions, foreclosures, and/or evictions, renting may be difficult to almost impossible.
  • On time payments - pay your bills on time. Don't allow a small bill balance to appear on your credit report. How can the landlord trust that you will pay your rent on time if you neglect a small bill found on your credit report. Establish trust.
  • Find out the minimum credit required BEFORE completing the application. Every time you complete an application, a hard credit inquiry may be pulled. Each pull will reduce your credit score by three points or more. Ten (10) applications equal a minimum of a 30-point decrease in your credit score.
  • Background checks – landlords, property managers and management companies will run a background check and the checks will be reviewed and applicants will be rejected based on the negative information obtained. Many are willing to give second chances. So be honest without puffing or blaming others.
  • Put your social media in check. Your social media pages may or may not be reviewed by a perspective landlord. If you complain about your current landlord, show questionable images/posts, or found to be combative, it may result in your application being viewed as not a preferred tenant.
  • Pets. If the landlord says “No Pets Allowed” don’t sign it, pets are not allowed. Also, you should understand that there are pets that are prohibited such as restricted breeds. Unfortunately, restricted breeds may delay your search and if your plan is the rent and not become a homeowner, take the type of breed into consideration before buying a pet and/or applying for rental.
  • Your name – list your name as it is on your legal state issued ID or as listed on your credit report. Do not attempt to misspell, omit, or list any incorrect information.
  • Social Security and Driver’s license number – list this information correctly. If it cannot be verified during the credit and background checks, you are hurting your chances and the potential landlord my view you as a risk.
  • Attitude – always remain courteous and professional. Your impression, especially first impression, sets the impression for you approachable you are as a tenant. Landlord and property management companies don’t want to deal with combative tenants. If the landlord or property manager is being combative, walk away and leave. It doesn’t make sense to argue over something that most likely will not change.
  • Never pay a deposit to view the rental or an application fee prior to viewing the rental. You are taking a 90:10 chance on a fee that most likely is a scam.
  • After viewing the property - Prepare to pay an application fee for everyone 18 years and older, and anyone 18 years or older must complete an application regardless of having a credit score and have background information that is accessible. This can be costly. Don’t try to sneak or move-in the 18+ individual after your application is accepted, you are in breach of contract and will face eviction.
  • Avoid being a social butterfly at the viewing. Don’t discuss your personal situation(s), it may affect your chances.
  • At the showing, don’t allow your children to run rampart. Be a caring applicant with caring children in attendance.
  • Never bring your pets to the showing, you do not know if there are allergy alerts that can be life threatening.
  • Ask questions such as but not limited to: Who maintains the lawn, how do I submit a repair request, what am I responsible for repairing as a tenant, do you report to the credit bureau (showing positive payments), do you allow pets and what kind, is there a pet deposit and monthly pet rent, is the pet deposit refundable, who has keys to the property and did you change the locks when the last tenant vacated the property, who is responsible for pest control, how often is it treated, when was the last time it was treated, and can you see the last pest report, why did the last tenant leave, how much notice do you give prior to non-emergency entry, are you planning to update the home in the future, will the rent increase annually, etc.

Just a little FYI for those looking to rent.

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